I________________________(owner) do herby acknowledge that I have voluntarily applied to participate in the Florida Wiener Dog Derby. I also attest that Florida Wiener Dog Derby Inc., Riverfest sponsors, or any individuals associated with the Florida Wiener Dog Derby are not responsible for any actions that may result from my participation in the Florida Wiener Dog Derby. Florida Wiener Dog Derby Inc., along with Riverfest does not assume any responsibility for lost or stolen animals at the event. That in bringing my pet to participate in approved events at the Florida Wiener Dog Derby; I understand that I am doing so at my sole risk. Any cost and expense and any harm that may come to the animal(s) shall be my sole responsibility; and in attending the Florida Wiener Dog Derby with my pet(s), should any injury occur to any person, other animal, or property as a result of the behavior of my animal(s), whether expected or unexpected, regardless of the stimulus for the behavior (pets spontaneous conduct, conduct of another animal, conduct of any person or thing, or any combination therein) I will be solely liable and held responsible for any injury, or property damage that results from my participation (including any attorney fees) and that will not indemnify, and hold harmless, protect and defend Florida Wiener Dog Derby Inc, it’s sponsors, and Riverfest for any and all claims of damages and liability from injury, property damage, loss, claim or expense resulting from the behavior of my animal; and to report any and all such injuries or incidents to the Florida Wiener Dog Derby Inc. and/ or Riverfest. Only animals that are participating in approved events, demonstrations, or approved vendor services by Florida Wiener Dog Derby Inc and have a signed liability waiver are allowed on Curtis Hixson park grounds. Failure to sign the liability waiver will result in disqualification from the Florida Wiener Dog Derby. The Florida Wiener Dog Derby is a physical event for dogs participating in racing and demonstrations. Owner assumes full responsibility for the health of the animal and any injury that may result from racing or demonstration activity. The Florida Wiener Dog Derby Inc. reserves the right to refuse entry, for any animal if the animal’s health or safety may be of concern. The Florida Wiener Dog Derby Inc. will adhere to any advice given by a licensed veterinarian who feels the animal’s participation in the event will be harmful to the health and/or safety of the animal. Participants are required to clean up all animal debris immediately after occurrence. All animals must be leashed when not participating in actual racing or demonstration events. Florida Wiener Dog Derby Inc., Riverfest, as well as the County Sheriff’s Department reserve the right to expel participants in the opinion they feel participants conduct or presentation is objectionable to the public. Florida Wiener Dog Derby Inc. and Riverfest are entitled to the use of any photos taken at the event for media release, advertisement, or for any communication they see fit to bring positive attention to the event. The Florida Wiener Dog Derby Inc. also holds the right to place e-mail addresses on their e-mail list for notification of Florida Wiener Dog Derby Inc. activities. The e-mails are placed on a secure list to avoid privacy concerns.