Florida Wiener Dog Derby Inc.
We are a 501c3 non-profit Fundraising Organization

The Florida Wiener Dog Derby is currently accepting donations & seeking volunteers to make this event possible. 
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We are a 501C3 non-profit
and your donation is tax deductible!

If you are interested in becoming an exclusive sponsor 
of the FWDD, Inc 
and/or Roxie Team Hotdog (champion race team)
Please contact us:
We travel to several cities and states to compete for champion titles and additionally administer 
races for non-profits. 
Your product could reach a large pool of consumers

For Derby Administration & RACE SPONSORSHIPS
Karin Slifker, 
Roxie Team Hotdog Champion Race Team
2015 (Roxie) & 2016(Ruger) National Dachshund Race (NDR) Circuit Champions


For Press info please contact
JP Slifker
Vice President
Via e-mail at

For marketing & vendor space 
please contact
Ms. Rose Peralta
Via e-mail at

Are you a 501c3 non-profit in need of assistance with your dachshund derby?
Please contact us several months in advance before your event.
Preferably through e-mail and include the date, time and location. 
We are busiest during September - November and February - April.
The FWDD is committed to safety for both participants and patrons.
Wiener racing can be a fun family experience while raising money for your non-profit organization. When the Wieners race, everyone is a winner! 
We have an extensive fencing system (which includes pound-in stakes) &
a 4 gate (mini-derby) or 6 gate (grand-derby) system with additional equipment.

Grand-Derby Gates
Mini-Derby Gates
Where Wieners Can Fly
Lets Roll
Fun for all age wieners
Howling good time