“Florida’s LARGEST Dachshund Racing Event”
Venue & Race Format

The 8th annual Florida Wiener Dog Derby  will be held Saturday  May 6, 2017 at Curtis Hixon Park as part of Tampa Riverfest Celebration 2017.

Donations from the event are offered to local non profits names for individual events.

Division races such as Puppy, Seniors and Adult are open only to dogs of pure dachshund breed ( No mixed breeds). The Wiener Wannabe division is open to all breeds that can fit into the starting gates comfortably, and safely. The event has selected a veterinarian to validate the legitimacy of vaccine certificates, which are required for any dog participating in the event.. Other events are open to any friendly breed, and will require a signed liability waiver in order to enter the event venue.

All entrants, vendors, and sponsors must sign a liability waiver on-line or the event.

A completed Registration Form is required for all race participants. (Each dog requires an individual Registration.) All Divisional Races and Contests REQUIRE Pre-registration. Day-of registration on site is available for STAND-BY ONLY, in the event there is a no-show.

You must be present when your heat is called. We will call your dogs name and announce a "last call". Failure to show up for your heat is aconsidered a forfeit of your turn. You may be placed on stand-by in the event you miss your heat and called if a spot in the similiar category opens. NO REFUNDS NO EXCEPTIONS. 

We make every effort to run a clean, organized, safe and fun event. This depends on you following our simple rules and and understanding that we have little time and availibility to make individual exceptions without causing interruption to the entire event process. Your understanding is greatly appreciated. 

To register, you must use the Online Registration Form on our website via pay pal.

Participants must agree that they have read, understand, and will adhere to all rules, regulations and requirements of the Florida Wiener Dog Derby and the event facility.

The Florida Wiener Dog Derby will consist of the following race divisions:
  • Athena's Angels Puppy Race 
  • Chariots of Fire 
  • Senior 
  •  Adult 
  • Ween Teen 

Wiener Wanna Be: 4 months on up non-dachshund breed.

Fido Idol, Best Tail and Best Kisser will all be held at variable times in between race divisions and before the semi final heats for the grand championship.
This gives our races a chance to rest...and compete for more trophies and prizes. 


The top 3 finishers in each racing division will receive either a Gold,Silver, and Bronze type medal signifying the division winners. First place winners in all the division's will receive a trophy and a prize package from our sponsors and vendors (if such is provided).

The official race course will consist of 6 racing lanes with color designation.  A starting gate with a straight lift-up door will be used.  The dogs will wear color bandannas or collars provided by the Race Committee for easier winner identification. The race course surface will be grass/turf or carpet.

All race divisions will race 50 feet.  Race lanes will be 2 feet in width.   Dogs are not required to stay in lanes. Dog must have good conduct through the race and may not interfere with other racers via biting. Any and all primary agressor dogs will be disqualified from the race. Depending on the amount of race interferance, officials may require the heat to be re-run to determine a fair winner. All races will have officials on the course.  Races will be conducted in heats according to the number of entrants in each division.  The top 2 dogs of each heat will advance to the next round or top 3 depending on the elimination process. The first dog to the finish line is considered the winner. In case of a tie, all video and/or photos will be reviewed. If a clear winner cannot be determined, a tie may be called or a tie-breaking extra heat will be run to determine placement.

There is one Finish line for the dogs to cross and five feet beyond that is the pet parent line. The Pet Partent SHALL STAY BEHIND the line untill we have our heat winners and/or an official deams it necessary to cross the line to guide your pup to the finish line. NO EXCEPTIONS. 

You may use treats, toys, noises, funny faces, almost anything to entice your dog to run to you. However, the short list of what you SHALL NOT do is throw any treat, object, lazer onto the race course. If your dog requires a light (such as a flash light) due to a sight or hearing impairment, please advise the officials of this special circumstance and we will explain how you may use this item to not interfere with the other racers. 

Example: you may use the flashlight to cast a beam onto yourself -like your shirt- to assit with guiding them towards you. You may not shine the light at other dogs, thus causing a distarction/interference with other racers. Sorry, Laser lights will NOT be allowed due to the possiable danger they impose if shined in the eyes of the dogs. 

The registration fee for all dogs is $15.00, which must be paid at time of registration unless you purchased the VIP Package ***


This contest is a little like American Idol Meets Miss America.
Your entry into this category consists of three competitions: Best Singer, Best Trick, Best Coat.
Three judges will give you a score of 1-10 for each category. 
The top three dogs will be awarded first, second and third based on the score totals. 
First Place will receive the STAR IDOL TROPHY. 
All three top finishers will receive prizes from our sponsors (to be determined). 


Due to the amount of dogs competing, the event will take ALL DAY.
Please understand that you may have a considerable wait time between races/contests for your dog. We have done as much as possible to secure a shaded area and comfort for you and your dog in order to make this as enjoyable an experience for you and your pet(s) as possible. You may plan you day accordingly as we are a part of a much larger event with additional adjacent activities.

*poor behavior and poor sportsmanship will NOT be tolerated. 

*video of the event will be taken to ensure accuracy of the race results. In the event of a close finish, the video will be reviewed and a winner determined. If a winner cannot be determined the heat will be re-run between the dogs in the tie match.

*all video and/or photographs taken by our event media coordinator and Speed Weenies is deemed property of the FWDD and Speed Weenies and may be used to promote future events. Your participation in this event is deemed to be accessible to the public and therefore, privacy laws are not in existence. You may politely request to not have your photpgraph taken and/or publised and we will make every effort to honor your request. However, in group settings, this request may not be entirely possiable as proven in the nature of large sacle events and large crowds.

*Interfering with any handler, official and/or dog will be grounds for automatic removal from the derby and all registration fees forfeited. 

​*we have the right to reject any entry into the the event due to known prior behavior. If there is an issue with an entry, we will notify you prior to the event given that norification of your entry is known to us. 
"Can we go? Huh? Huh? ...Can we go? ...I wanna go to the Derby! Can I be in the race? I wanna be in the race...read the rules...can I be in the race? ....can I?" Come on, let's go to the Derby... I can run really, really fast!" 
          "Let's Go Racing"
FWDD in Ft. Myers Fl 2013
I promise to be good
No Bad Behavior
High Flying Wieners are encouraged
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