Florida Wiener Dog Derby

 ​"Let's Go Racing"

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​​  VIP  Option

This is a great option if you have 2 or more dogs that you would like to participate in the Derby and enjoy the other contests at the event.
You can race up to 4 pups (extra pups at only $10 each) and your whole pack (no limmit) can participate in  ALL our additional contests.
Plus bonus goodies TBD by our sponsors.
​​General Registration

This option is for those with a single pup and/or only want to enter a few of our additional contests.
You will register one pup at a time and race/contest are priced seperately depending on which ones you register for. Seperate tickets are issued for each event per pup and is NON-transferable.
 General FWDDXI          Registration  

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general  race & contesst registration

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FWDDXI VIP Registration

Just a quick reminder about registration​​

Registration is ongoing and dynamic. As we receive entries, each dog is placed into their proper division based on age, ability and breed. With each registration submission, heat and gate assignments could change. It is for this reason, we finalize registration as divisions reach their limits or 72 hours prior to Race Day. Please be patient in allowing us to complete this process leading up to 24 hours before the race. Please only complete the form below if you have a registration cancelation. For all other issues, please see the CONTACT US section and choose the appropriate contact. Thank you in advance for your cooperation, patience & understanding

Need to Cancel Your Registration?
This Contact Form is to CANCEL your Registration ONLY. No Inquiries will be responded to here. 
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Pup(s) Name
  1. Roxie FWDD Champion 2014
    Meet Our Grand Champions
    Roxie FWDD Champion 2014
  2. Odie FWDD Champion 2013
    Meet Our Grand Champions
    Odie FWDD Champion 2013
  3. Cocoa FWDD Champion 2017
    Meet Our Grand Champions
    Cocoa FWDD Champion 2017
  4. Miss Weenie FWDD Champion 2010
    Meet our Grand Champions
    Miss Weenie FWDD Champion 2010
  5. Luckie FWDD Champion 2015 & 2016
    Meet Our Grand Champions
    Luckie FWDD Champion 2015 & 2016
  6. Karmyl FWDD Champion 2011
    Meet Our Grand Champions
    Karmyl FWDD Champion 2011
  7. Jack FWDD Champion 2012
    Meet Our Grand Champions
    Jack FWDD Champion 2012
  8. Jeb FWDD Champion 2018
    Meet Our Grand Champions
    Jeb FWDD Champion 2018
  9. Cleo FWDD Champion 2019
    Meet Our Grand Champions
    Cleo FWDD Champion 2019